How to start a blog & make $5389 every month from it

By | Dec 26, 2019

Are you planning to blog? And are you planning to earn money also? Well, you can do it simultaneously.

If Blogging is your passion and you are making money from passion, That’s the best thing which can happen to you !

So today here in this article I would like to share with you steps to your dream job. Blogging and earning money. Be your own boss ! First of all, let’s figure out the reasons to start a blog. There can be many reasons listed below –

  • Sharing your knowledge
  • Money
  • Fame
  • Sharing your thoughts
  • Be a part of Blogger’s world

There can be many other reasons apart from this. But before we start a blog. We need to think about these questions –

Step-1 Why to start a blog ?

We have already discussed the STEP-1 in the introduction. If you have come to here to know how to start a blog, then you have already decided your reason to start the blog.

Step-2 Which blogging platform to use?

If you have some blogging experience from the past, then you must be knowing that generally people blog on two different platforms – Blogger and WordPress. Most people use WordPress as it is easy to use.

Interesting Fact- 30% of world’s websites are based on wordpress platform.

Now don’t confuse your blog with that hosted on beacuse here you will be installing WordPress on your hosting and domain. The process is easy and is discussed below.

Step-3 What should be your content topic ?

The very first thing is that you decide Niche of your blog. Niche here refers to the topic on which your content will be based.

No one in this world can tell you about the topic you should write on. Because it is only you who knows what you like to write about. But I ll be giving few guidelines. Don’t start your blog on many random things. Because people love to subscribe to your blog. So it can’t be on multiple topics.

Moreover the search engines prefer the website which are built on a single topic. It will sound like your blog has authority on that single topic.

Choose the topic that you love to read about and on which you can talk for hours. You can take a paper and write down different topics- Mobiles, Gadgets, Motivation, Fashion etc. Then you need to figure out the 3 topics you love to read and talk about. That’s how you will build the content and start a blog.

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Step-4 How to start a blog from scratch ?

We will begin it from a scratch… because of many of us have no or very little knowledge about how to get our passion online. Within next few minutes, we ll easily setup the blog and make it running. Pick a nice Domain name and Blog name

Pick a suitable blog name and domain

While selecting your domain, always remember the three E’s –

  1. Easy to type
  2. Easy to Remember
  3. Easy to pronounce

Naming your blog is one of the important steps for success. A domian is what the user will type in the url to reach your blog.

Always remember .com domains are the best for the blogs. For a custom domain name like we spend around $12/year ( Rs. 800/-). But you can check out the packages from various service providers like GoDaddy, BlueHost, BigRock. They generally have offers for buying a domain for first year which will help you save money.

For selecting a good domain, always follow these guidelines-

  • Prefer .com domain
  • Research it thoroughly
  • Be memorable
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Keep it short
  • Use keywords

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Pick a suitable hosting plan

So many hosting providers generally provide many types of hosting plans including Linux hosting , Windows hosting and WordPress hosting.

You need to check for the following things-

  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Free domain name if included
  • Free SSL if included
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Live chat support

Once you are done with the hosting, the hosting provider will automatically install WordPress on your site. In some hosting plans, few paid plugins like Jetpack is also included.

Design of your blog

Now comes the design your blog. How your blog should look like ? A good design of your blog will attract the visitors to visit it. Imagine you wearing a nice outfit and people seeing you. Same way Design of your blog will mean the outfit of your blog.

Always remember – ” The first impression is the last impression “

The design in the WordPress is based on WordPress themes. you ll come across number of few and premium themes.

I ll suggest you to choose the design which offers-

  • Easy interface
  • Better Design
  • Fast Loading speed

WordPress plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins out there. But here I am compiled a list of few essential plugins. You are recommended to install these plugins from day 1.

  • Jetpack by
  • Gravity Forms
  • WP Optimize

You can also choose from best wordpress plugins here.

If you have been able to complete all these steps, your blog is now ready.

Plan your content

Before you start writing your posts, I ll suggest you to make a content plan.

Here is a sample content planning board by Trello.

Another idea is to make use of sticky notes available in the Windows app. You can just write the name of the topic over there.

In WordPress, you can save the names of topics as drafts and then start writing on them day wise. So I suggest you to have a content planning board.

Do you think creating great content is enough? Actually there’s a lot which goes into effective SEO content marketing strategy.

Writing SEO friendly blog posts

So here comes the main part of blogging. Writing the blog posts and driving traffic from it.

Will the blog posts without considering SEO be fruitful ? No.

So you can learn How to write an article and make it SEO friendly over here

Making money from Blog

Once you start driving traffic to your blog, then comes Making money from the content you are posting. You can subscribe to the following methods –

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What else for Next level ?

  1. Learn SEO to drive traffic from the blog.

Check out SEO Checklist for 2020 and drive traffic to your blog

2. Use of Social Networking to improve your blog presence.

3. Get readers subscribe to your blog.

FAQ – How to Start a blog ?

Q1. How many blog posts should I publish ?

  • Writing one blog post a day is a great thing. but if you are creating long content i.e. 1000+words, 2-3 posts/week is also good.

Q2. Which Ad networks should I start with ?

  • As a beginner you can start with Google Adsense, and Infolinks. Then you can head towards Affiliate marketing.

So in this article I tried my best to cover each and every detail on how to start a blog from scratch and earn money from it. If you still have any questions, doubts or you want to add anything- feel free to comment below.


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