How to write an article and make it SEO friendly

By | Dec 20, 2019

Many people generally think, How to write an article that is SEO friendly. If you are owning any blog, then being SEO friendly is the foremost criteria. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a concept which defines the placement of the article on the search engine results page.

If your article appears on the first page, then there are fair number of chances of getting more number of likes, clicks and shares. And if your article is on the last pages in the result, then there is no use of writing it.

“Why to write something online if no one’s gonna ever read it ? “

So today I am gonna teach you How to write a SEO friendly content. Before you start, you must have a blog to do so.

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How to Write an Article ….SEO will follow


01. Use Headings and Sub-Headings

Using headings and sub-headings improves the format of the article and gives user an insight about your content. The user can jump to any section he likes.

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02. Add Links to your Content

Links to high-quality websites generally increase the validity of your blog. The better the links, the higher your page will rank in the search engines.

03. Length of the Article

Again this is a important concept which most of the bloggers forget about. Just keep in mind, always try to keep minimum 300 words limit. At the higher end you can have it upto any limit depending upon the topic. Also, I ll like to advise you to use the keyword around 2-3% in your content.

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04. Choose your keywords Wisely

Keywords play an important role in determining the placement of your blog in the search engine. Choose such keywords which the users generally search on the Search Engine. For this you can either get your hands on a keyword planner or some digital marketing service for a nominal fee.

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05. Write High Quality content

Many bloggers don’t believe it, but trust me quality of content matters. The quality is determined whether the users liked your content or not. To convert the new user to returning user, you need to research the topic well and then write.

06. Image Optimization

Images attract the users to read the content of your blog. So make the images interesting and relate it with your content. For SEO, always try to put your keyword in the ALT tag of the images. Try to compress the images and then upload it as it facilitates fast loading of your website.

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I hope this post has taught you on How to write an article and make it SEO friendly for your blog/website. In case of any questions, you can put it in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more such content. Thanks !

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