Long Tail Keywords : The ‘Secret’ for getting massive traffic

By | Jan 7, 2020

Long tail keywords could be an easy answer for your keyword strategy.

“Everyone wants to rank number 1 on Google, That’s why everyone can’t”

What is a keyword? May be a word of great significance. Or you can say, these words are search queries of a user on a search engine. For instance, we search for “Hosting”. Here “hosting” is a keyword.

What are long tail keywords?

A keyword doesn’t needs to be a single word. Now let’s think from search engine’s point of view.

So here, I search for a keyword “hosting” on Google Search. Here is what Google Search displays.

seo secrets

Now searching “hosting” on google confuses him, what we are actually looking for ?Are we looking for –

  • What is web hosting?
  • Buying a hosting plan?
  • How does web hosting work?
  • Types of Hosting?

Now let us search – ” buy hosting

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Still Google doesn’t knows what type of hosting we are looking to buy ? Is it..

  • Windows hosting?
  • Linux Hosting?
  • WordPress Hosting?
  • Shared Hosting?

Now let us search- ” buy wordpress hosting

what are long tail keywords

Now we only get the results pertaining to buy wordpress hosting.

So what we conclude from this? When we search for ” hosting” we get a lot of unrelated results comparative to “buy wordpress hosting”.

Myth: But that doesn’t mean that shorter keywords have more searches. You can see in the data below.

long tail keywords finder

So above we can see, “the best wordpress themes free” which has got 5 words long keyword has 1600 searches whereas “best wordpress themes blog” and “best wordpress blogger themes” with 4 word long keyword has only 1000 searches.

How Long tail keywords work?

Now imagine you are a user who is curious to check the camera review of iPhone 11, but in the search engine, you enter “iPhone 11 “. Here’s what you get.

long tail keywords tools

So now the user enters the first search result on the page and checks if he gets the camera review by users or not.

long tail keyword

On visiting the page he discovers the Apple iPhone 11 page by the company. But the page only contains information about the iPhone 11 camera specifications. No reviews by users are given.

So he immediately bounces back to the search engine and narrows down his search by typing.. ” iPhone 11 camera samples

Let’s see what he gets now.

long tail keyword

So the result from dpreview.com which was earlier on the next pages of search engine automatically comes up as the first results. This is how long tail keywords work.

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Now the user will explore the content on this website and check the camera samples of iphone 11. Since the user was looking for a detailed review about the camera, he ll keep on exploring the camera samples and hence spend more time on this website.

“Lower bounce rate, higher the time spent on the website”

Now after understanding the concept of long tail keywords, you must be wondering how to find them.

But selecting right keywords are not enough, the rank of your website depends on many external factors. Here is a secret to Rank #1 on Google.

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How to find Long-tail keywords ?

Well there are few keyword Research tools on the Internet that you may use.

1. Search Engines

There is Google Auto-complete suggestion feature which gets activated once you search for any query. Whenever you search for any query, Google automatically suggests you specific keywords. For example, When you search for “WordPress Hosting”, you see the following results-

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If you move down in the search results, you ll notice there is ” People also ask ” column. Example of same is given below.

This will also suggest you the specific search queries people look for.

2. Premium Tools

” Most of the SEO experts recommend long-tail keywords and yes, I am no exception “

So do you also look for long-tail keywords and which keyword research tool do you use? Do share it in the comments section below.

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