Off Page SEO techniques to Rank #1 on Google

By | Jan 9, 2020

Before I start telling about Off page SEO techniques, I ll like to tell you the optimization of a website depends upon two main factors –

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

In this post, I ll explain about the Off Page SEO techniques which will help you to Rank #1 on Google.

Why Off Page SEO is important ?

Before we start, I ll like to ask do you own a blog or website and do you want to earn money from your business?

If the answer is yes, Then you are right place.

Off Page SEO comprises of factors that help you optimize your website. But these factors are stationed elsewhere on the web. These factors are difficult to influence since you don’t have control over them. Google and other search engines use links to determine the credibility of your website. This is done to have an authoritative and good content at the user’s end. As Google can’t determine each and every website so it uses links as a medium to determine the content quality.

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Off Page SEO techniques

off page seo techniques

1. Social Networking sites

Social Networking is a big industry these days. Sometimes it is also referred as “Online Reputation Management”. So linking your blog with social networking sites will help you gain more links and rank your website better.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Create a page of your blog/ business on social media.
  2. Post related content on social media and draw visitors to your blog.
  3. Create an event pertaining to your blog niche.

Top Social Networking Sites

Social Networking SiteDAPA

2. Blog Marketing

Now what does Blog Marketing means? It refers to using the similar niche blogs to develop backlinks.

How to do it.

Start by commenting on the blogs which have same niche as yours. It will allow you to add a link in the blog. Such blogs are called as “DoFollow blogs”. It may also display your most recent post in the comments section.

3. Search Engine Submission

Don’t forget to submit your site to various search engines. Ensure each and every page of your blog is indexed in that search engine. SEO experts mainly recommend Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters ( integrated with Yahoo) and Yandex.

I ll be posting a tutorial on How to submit your blog to Google Search Console shortly.

4. Forum Marketing

Find forums which are similar to your blog niche. Now what next? get involved with the community. Answer people’s threads, Advice them on various issues. This will help you earn reputation as someone who is expert in that topic.

List of Forum Marketing sites are-

Forum Marketing SiteDAPA 82 53

5. Directory Submission

Many people believe that directory submission is dead. But many SEO experts think that it isn’t a case. It depends on how effectively we use Blog Directories and submit our blog. Try to search for the directories related to your niche. It may be a delayed response but it ll give you results one day.

One of the best directory submission site is Blogarama. You can have the option of free and premium listing. Free listing is generally delayed response but in premium listing, within 8-12 hours, your blog gets submitted.

But before that ensure you have a Content Marketing Strategy.

6. Social Bookmarking

Submit your website to various social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, Diff, Reddit etc. Search engines keep on crawling these websites frequently as fresh content is uploaded every minute. But you should be careful for handling your tags as for broadcasting your content to a wide audience.

7. Photo Sharing

If you have shared any exclusive photos on your website, then don’t forget to upload them on photo sharing platforms such as Picasa, Flickr. People on the web will be able to view them and link to your content on your blog.

8. Article Submission

If you are good at writing articles, you can use this skill to write guest posts on various blogs. Once your post is published on those blogs, you ll get backlinks to your website.

One point to note- Many Article Submission sites only accept SEO friendly content. Don’t worry, You can learn that by visiting the link below.

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9. Video Marketing

This is similar to Photo Sharing. You can upload your videos to various platforms like Youtube and DailyMotion. This will give you two advantages- one, you get links to your site and second, people who want to learn by videos can be a part of your audience.

Just ensure to post videos which are related to your content on the blog. And then it’s done. You can also monetize your Youtube videos.

10. Answer Questions

Have you ever heard about Quora?..

Actually it is a platform where people can ask any type of questions and other users answer them. So I will recommend you to be the part of Answering Community. It ll help you to develop your image as an expert in that subject. And ultimately, your content will be more authoritative. Authoritative Enough ! which these search engines are looking for.

Off Page SEO Checklist

So here’s what you need to ensure-

  • Submit your website to Webmasters
  • Integrate Social Networking sites
  • Blog marketing
  • Join Forums
  • Share exclusive photos
  • Submit your blog to various directories
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Video Marketing
  • Answer Questions

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So in the above post, we have discussed about various Off Page SEO techniques. If implemented correctly, you will be able to achieve rank #1 on Google.

If I have missed out on any technique in the above post, please mention in the Comments section below.

Note: Google Page Rank is no longer a valid Off Page SEO factor. So you can just ignore it.

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