On-Page SEO techniques 2020 to rank website higher

By | Jan 1, 2020

On-Page SEO techniques is one of the two factors to optimize your website or blog. So want to make a keyword targeted and SEO optimized blog to drive more traffic?

Would you like to make Search engine understand your content and rank your website higher?

If your answer is Yes, then today welcome to On Page SEO techniques 2020 edition.

Basically, there are two factors for optimizing the website-

  1. On-Page SEO Techniques
  2. Off-Page SEO Techniques

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In today’s article we ll be focusing on On-Page Optimization. I ll be sharing lost of on-page SEO techniques which you can implement to optimize your blog.

Why is On-Page SEO Important?

The answer is simple. It tells the search engine that who you are and you should be at top results when your keyword is entered.This is done by making sure that the content written has relevant percentage of keywords and other important aspects present in it.

“Search Engines are nothing but a set of algorithms. They use various factors to rank a particular page. Now we need to feed the crawler as much information as possible”

on page seo ranking factors

On-Page SEO Techniques for 2020

1.Keyword Choice and Placement

The “keyword” or “keyphrase” is one of the most important factor in SEO Optimization. While selecting a keyword, just keep these things in mind-

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  • Easily Searchable
  • Easy to Use
  • In line with the content of the page
  • Keep keyword density around 1.5 percent
  • Use your main keyword once in first paragraph and once in last.

2. Unique and Useful content

In simple words- Write amazing content for your blog. It means that the subject chosen should be good and not copied fro any other sources.

Always keep in mind “Content is king”

Blog Posts that don’t have lot of words typically don’t perform well on Search Engines. But as per new algorithms you should have atleast 1300 words to make it more informative. Longer and well-researched posts tend to rank better.

seo friendly posts

It is always better to have posts that are over-informative rather than having just enough content. This is must especially when you are targeting highly-competitive keywords.

There are certain more factors that you need to take care of when you are writing a post or article. I ll suggest you to check it below here.

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3. URL

Always make sure that your URL has got your keyword. Try to keep this keyword at the beginning for better and optimized results.

Don’t keep your URL string very long. Avoid using stopwords such as “the”, “and” “or” etc.

on page seo url

4. Title tag

Any search engine will always look to the TITLE TAG to determine the relevancy of the content. The title tag is embedded in the HTML of each page that tells Google what to display in the Search Results.

When you include the keyword in the Meta Title, Google automatically classifies the content. It is an important signal which is sent to the search engine.

on-page seo title

You should try to include the keyword in the title in the beginning only but if that’s not possible it should be somewhere in the Title. Also, don’t repeat the same keyword more than once in the title. You may think it ll help rank your article higher but It would hurt the ranking.

5. Meta Description

Imagine yourself as a user searching for a query on Google, you type “ON-page SEO”, then Google shows up different results. Will you like to read their meta description or not?

on-page seo techniques

You should add unique meta description to your post. Many people believe that meta description is not a ranking factor but I have seen websites ranking better due to optimized meta descriptions.

While search engines pick up the keywords but it is also important for the user to click on it. So you need to add a user-friendly unique meta description. It should also have your targeted keyword for optimization.

6. Image ALT tags

Image Optimization helps to boost a lot of traffic from image searches. Keywords in the “image title” and “alt text” help to make your post more focused and targeted.

Always keep in mind – “Images create engagement”

image alt tag on-page seo

More the user will engage on your site, more will be your site’s overall ranking. But there’s one more important point to note. Large images will slow down your site and decrease your Ranking. So it’s very important to-

  • Compress Images
  • Use a caching plugin
  • Use a CDN

7. Internal and External Links

Place links to related posts on inside your post. Interlinking of blog posts will help users spend more time on your blog and it ll also help pass page rank to other pages of your site. Make sure interlinking is relevant and necessary.

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Apart from linking your own posts, it’s a great idea to link out to external websites as well. Do this if the information on the external links is relevant to the content of your blog post. While linking to other websites, you should link to trustworthy websites only.

ON-Page SEO Checklist

  • Remove all stopwords from permalink.
  • Keyword in title, meta tags and image ALT tags.
  • Add multimedia (Images, Videos, slides etc )
  • Optimize images before uploading.

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  • Keep Meta title less than 65 characters.
  • Create meta description lesser than 320 characters.
  • Internal links to relevant articles.
  • Outbound links to relevant high quality sites.

But these On Page SEO factors are not enough to rank your website better. There are many other external factors which determine it.

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I hope you have clearly understood the concept of On-Page SEO and gone through the various factors affecting it. Implement the On Page SEO techniques 2020 and drive more traffic to your blog.

What are your tips for optimizing your blog posts? Share with me in the comments section below.

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