SEO checklist for 2020 : A Webmaster’s guide

By | Dec 30, 2019

Are you trying to find out a complete SEO Checklist for driving more traffic to your website? Yes, You are at right place.

Today on Techvanee, we ll be discussing about SIMPLE (BUT EFFECTIVE) points that ll help you drive more traffic.

How to use SEO Checklist?

Imagine yourself going for shopping to buy ingredients to prepare your favorite chocolate cake.

You require all the ingredients to make the cake delicious. However suppose, if you forget the chocolate, will the cake be delicious? No !

If you forget the some other ingredient, will it be delicious? No ! The similar way the SEO checklist is. You will require each and every item in this checklist for optimizing your blog/website.

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SEO Checklist 2020

1. Google Search Console

Search console is a platform where administrator can monitor your site’s performance, identify issues and monitor backlinks. This is basically a place where Google will communicate with you in case of any errors.

Search Console SEO Checklist 2020

Here are the few aspects which you need to check in the Google Search console :

Set your preferred domain – Whether you want to show your site with www or not.

HTML Improvements- It will suggest you any improvements required in meta title, meta description and other elements.

Links to your site- Here you can check which all sites link to you and what all is their content.

Index Status- This option allows the user to check the number of pages that have been crawled by the search engine. The users can also check for errors in pages or robots.txt

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Crawl Errors- You can view the errors which the crawler detected for last 90 days.

2. Sign up to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service which keeps the track of your blog in terms of Visitors, Sessions and Pageviews. It can also give you data regarding the demographics, performance of search campaign and how long users are there on your site.

Analytics SEO checklist 2020

3. Site Speed

You can check out the Google’s Site Speed tool to check the performance of your website on both desktop and mobile. It will also recommend you to make any changes if required. You ll get detailed analysis of your site’s speed.

4. Mobile Friendliness

With more and more people using smartphones to browse Internet, it has become important to have a mobile friendly site. It should be optimized to display content at any screen size.

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5. Title Tags

  • Title tags should be 50-60 characters long.
  • They must accurately describe the content of your page.
  • Your keywords should be first in line with the least important words at the last.
  • Set different title tags for different pages.
  • Make your heading <h1> tag different from title tag.
  • Don’t mass replicate your title tags.

6. Meta Description

  • Make sure important keywords show up in the meta description.
  • A Meta Description should be no longer than 150 words.
  • Write legible, readable copy.

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7. Headlines / SEO Title

The headlines for your article should be attractive and snappy so that they can force users to visit your blog. But make sure they are under 60 characters.

You also need to know how to write an article and make it SEO Friendly.

8. Optimizing Images

Always make sure that images on your website are not too large and speed draining. Optimize as per the content of your website. Try to use the keywords in the ALT tag of images as it improves your presence on the web.

9. XML/HTML Sitemaps

Make sure that your blog/website has got both xml and html sitemaps to ensure thorough indexing by Google.

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10. Social Media Integration

This has become a popular method of driving traffic to your website. Do you have people in your contacts who love to read your content? Well then Place some social buttons and share your content with them.

Social Media SEO Checklist 2020

Even I love to share the content with my friends, so I always look for Social Sharing buttons on a blog post.

11. Google News

Double check your eligibility or inclusion in Google news. You can submit your site to Google news for driving more traffic instantly.

12. Internal Linking

“One more click is what you should aim for”.

Whenever you post a new article, link it with your previous content. This will result in visitor spending more time on your blog and your bounce rate will be lower. May be that linked content is what he was looking for and you have helped him.

So here were 12 SEO Checklist items for 2020 that will help you drive more traffic to your website.

In case you think of some other items to be included in Checklist, please write in the comments section below.

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