Content Marketing Strategy: Ways to boost your website

By | Dec 27, 2019

So what do we mean by SEO content marketing strategy? Do you think creating great content is enough? Actually there’s a lot which goes into effective SEO content marketing strategy.

Strategic SEO Content Marketing Strategy

So, strategic SEO Content Strategy involves –

  1. Prioritizing lower difficult topics and themes
  2. Content layering and internal linking
  3. Understanding the concept of linkability
  4. Regular update and maintenance of previous content

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With millions of posts being uploaded daily, one must be strategic to seek the attention required for the success. Many people believe that with uploading new posts, you ll increase the links and hence the visitors. However the concept of SEO is not very simple. You need to be linkworthy to secure links and you must be strategic to get more traffic onto your blog or website. So now we ll discuss all the above points one by one.

1. Prioritising lower difficult content

The first step in building the content strategy is to identify the topics that you ll cover. You should be able to understand the importance of using suitable keywords. You can use Google Keyword Planner or other tools for researching about the keyword. During your search you need to go through Search Volume, CPC and Competition.

You should be able to understand them as :

  • Search Volume – This is the average number of searches people perform on search engine monthly using the given keyword.
  • CPC – This is the amount that the advertisers pay for a single click on that adword.

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  • Competition – Gauge of total number of advertisers running the ads on this specific keyword.
Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword planner

So now you need to keep three rules in mind, search the keyword which has Higher Search Volume, Higher CPC and Low in competition.

Sometimes you ll see a keyword which has higher search volume, higher CPC and high in competition, remember there are hundreds of websites which are well established having links and being old. So it ll make your website to come up in the search pages difficult.

2. Content layering & Internal linking

Content layering refers to the middle-of-the-funnel-content on top-of-bottom-of-funnel-content. They provide many benefits such as Increased brand recognition, Shared Authority and linked acquisition for converting pages.

So Layering of content and Internal linking forms an important part of Content Strategy.

3. Concept of Linkability

Links are an important factor in determining the rank of the website and also beyond that. So while you create content for your blog, keep the linkability in mind.

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There are people who might be interested in sharing and linking your content. So you need to contact them and link your content.

The more number of links you create for your website, more are the chances to get displayed in top results of search engine query. For linking of the content, you need to keep the keyword in your mind. If no one is looking for that keyword, then no one ll be interested in linking it.

Linking your content will also depend on the type of content you are writing, formatting and readability.

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4. Regular update and maintenance of your previous content

While uploading new content is important, the previous content also needs to be updated. Sometimes it’s easier to update the previous content than to make everything from scratch. You can add a “Last Updated On” tag for your ease. You also need to understand that audience search the same content but they want it updated.

Effective SEO Content Marketing Strategy

To sum up, I would like you to follow the above guidelines for developing an effective content strategy.

Do you have any other innovative ideas for formulating content strategy?Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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