Sony PS5 Release Date, features & Price in India

By | Jan 17, 2020

Sony PS5 release date is likely to be announced soon. Some rumors confirm that it ll be unveiled in less than four weeks from now. According to the new report, the upcoming Sony PlayStation will feature largely updated processing power and 3d Audio abilities.

Sony also revealed it’s Playstation 5 ( aka PS5) logo at CES. 2020. With the sale of 104 million PS4 units, Sony claims it is second best-selling gaming console after PS2 (Sony PS2 has sales record of 158 million units).

The logo unveiled by Sony exactly resembles the logo of PS3 and PS4, only the number has been changed.

Sony PS5 Features and Specs

A new report has revealed crucial dates about the upcoming gaming console. The console will feature far superior gaming abilities as compared to the current generation. It is said to feature more processing abilities that will improve buffer times and bring changes to the gameplay. Playstation 5 will be powered by 3rd Gen AMD’s Ryzen Processors based on 7nm Zen 2 architecture. It will be further paired with AMD Radeon Navi Graphics Unit, which ‘will bring ray tracing to the console for the first time in history. All this will be combined to form 8K Gaming abilities to the new gen Console. It will provide twice the Gaming and Computing Power. However, it is unlikely that you have a 8K TV at your home, but 4K TV will suffice.

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Some rumors also indicate that the console will be using the SSD rather than traditional Hard Drive. This will lead to faster processing time. The Console will also feature native 3D audio which will help spatial surround sound. This will further enhance the gaming experience of user by isolation of audio channels. The PS5 will also have backward compatibility allowing it to play games from PS4 titles. Yet to be cleared, but it might lead to launch of a new VR system too.

Sony PS5 Release date

Sony has officially confirmed that PlayStation 5 will be released “Holiday 2020” aka between October and December 2020. Looks like Sony wants to unveil its new console just after the launch of Microsoft Xbox X series.

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